Pigeon Lake (about the middle of the lake) is situated approximately 25 km north and slightly west of Peterborough up Chemong Rd, across the bridge at Bridgenorth, then up Robinson Rd to Ennis Rd, then Tara Rd. To reach the south part of the lake, turn left at any east-west road and continue to the lake. The bottom of the lake and Emily Provincial Park can be reached more directly from Peterborough by turning west onto Lindsay Rd continuing over to Emily Park Rd.

The lake is approximately 27 km (16.78 miles) long and 3 km (1.86 miles) wide. It is made up of Upper Pigeon and Lower Pigeon. The depth of Lower Pigeon usually less than 20 ft (6.1m). Upper Pigeon can have depths up to 40 plus feet (12.2m).

Wild Rice is harvested on Lower Pigeon by members of the Curve Lake First Nations Community.

The Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island on Pigeon is the largest undeveloped island in the Kawarthas. It was donated in 2015 to the Kawartha Land Trust and is and area of natural and scientific interest. It is home to wetlands, diverse forest and a variety of plant and wildlife species. Permitted activities are Hiking, Fishing, Swimming, and Picnics.

The most common fish found in the lake are Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Carp, Muskellunge as well as some Panfish.

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